Research Goals

Oceans provide us food, knowledge and joy. However, with every passing moment, the health of our oceans is being eroded by human activity. Pollutants in our air, streams and earth eventually make their way back into our oceans, and through the food chain, back to us. This cycle of environmental “detachment” must end.

As three avid water activists, we are acutely aware that our oceans’ health will continue to erode from human pollution of all kinds. We are surfers, researchers and global citizens and we can no longer turn a blind eye. The urgency of this problem has inspired us to embark on a three-year circumnavigation of the earth’s oceans — the OceanGybe Global Research and Outreach Expedition.

A gybe is a movement that brings about change – both in direction and energy. This expedition is about redirecting the energy of humankind towards a sustainable future for our oceans. To achieve this, we will create awareness in every country we visit and inspire action in every person we touch.

During this three-year expedition, we will sail over every ocean in the world. We will go to many isolated coasts and beaches and will forward the following research and awareness activities:

OceanGybe Pollution Studies
The Great Pacific Gyre Documentation
The Ocean Swell Project

Our goal is to better educate people of the interconnectedness of ourselves to our oceans. Our research will document this interconnectedness. It is our hope that our journey will inspire others to take action to save our oceans. What was once a whisper years ago, now roars “our oceans are ill and soon they will die.”

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