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Plastic Pollution and Links in the General Media:

The United Nations and Intergovernmental Oceans Commission recently released a new set of guidelines on beach studies. So if you are looking to organise a beach study or something of the sort, try and use this one. Here is some background info and here is the pdf download of the “Litter Assessment“.

For the more scientific among you, check out this .pdf version of a paper written in 2008 by Charles Moore himself entitled: “Synthetic polymers in the marine environment: A rapidly increasing, long-term threat”.

Another very scary report about the state of our oceans ! Soupy Swill of an Ocean

Another movie from the Algalita Foundation. One of the best descriptions I have ever seen. Take a look: Alphabet Soup Video

6 Million pounds of beach garbage collected in ONE day. Take a look: HUGE cleanup

Charles Moore and the Algalita Foundation have done extensive research into the Great Pacific Gyre. His organization’s work was the catalyst for our expedition.

BBC environment correspondent David Shukman reports on the plastic peril facing wildlife on the remote island of Midway

Microscopic particles of plastic could be poisoning the oceans, according to a British team of researchers.

Oceanswatch is a New Zealand based group undertaking marine conservation projects and offering humanitarian aid to coastal communities in developing countries.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have created a map that outlines threatened areas to the worlds oceans. Definitely worth looking through.

“The international team of scientists integrated global data from 17 aspects of global change – from overfishing to global warming – that threaten 20 different marine ecosystems, such as coral reefs and continental shelves. The global threat map highlights areas in the ocean where threats overlap.”

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