Position Report: 10 August 2010

Yee haa! We crossed the 49th Parallel! We’re still slowing making our way north east, setting up for an approach to the coast. We’re currently equidistant to Kodiak Alaska, and the Queen Charlotte Islands. It’s flippin’ cold up here! The skies are grey, the water is grey, and everything is a bit damp. However the clouds and sun timed an amazing sunset last night, and we did get a brief view of the stars. There is virtually no moon right now, so at night it is black, black, black.

Time: 0600
Lat: 49 deg 31 N
Long: 145 deg 35 W
Boat: 5.0 knts at 030 deg T
Wind: 12 knts at SSW
Distance to BC: 680nm

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