Why is it that life passes faster as one gets older? Physically, time always passes at exactly the same speed. The only difference is one’s perception of it. So why does our perception change? I believe it has to do with learning, routine and inspiration in life. As a kid you are always learning, always looking forward to the next chapter in your life: Junior school, the dance, grade 12, graduation, learning to drive, first kiss, losing your virginity, falling in love. You are learning all the time, not only academically, but also as a person. You are finding yourself in the midst of an ever changing world, and thus the passage of a year is paramount. Years are measured through personal growth and experience rather than by minutes and seconds… On the other side of the coin, appreciate the average adult life: You are in your routine. You commute to work every morning along the same streets, at roughly the same time, to the same office. You take your lunch breaks at the same time, at the same places, and eat the same foods. Is it any wonder that the months pass with barely entering your consciousness, and definitely not your memory? Try to recall what you were up to two months ago? I bet all you remember is something that is outside of your routine..