OceanGybe "Rise Above Plastics" Party only days away!

The OceanGybe R.A.P party is really starting to come together, and anticipation is building! Tickets are selling at Sitka surfboards on 4th Avenue, the presentations are coming together, the photo booth is nearing completion and we all are getting ready for a really great evening. Remember, all proceeds go to the Spring 2011 School Tour !

Also, long time supporter of OceanGybe, Guayaki, has come on board to sponsor the Yerba Mate for the evening’s drink special. Dubbed the “Shorepound” by the Northernites crew (www.northerites.com), this party starter is something you just have to try. Guayaki’s Yerba Mate is the base, Vodka/Tequila/Rum is the edge, honey is the softener, and lemon is the sour. Add some iceblocks and blend it all together into an organic, fair trade and infinitely delicious drink. Some of you may be wondering: What is Yerba Mate? Well, go to http://www.guayaki.com/ and learn all about this wonderful drink.

So get your dancing shoes on and come down for an evening of fun!

Thanks for your help in keeping our beaches clean
The OceanGybe crew.

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