A Whole New Monster of the Deep…

For hundreds of years, sailors were a hardy bunch. Not these GPS-using, up-wind sailing, Gore-Tex wearing, fresh water drinking sissies that now sail about the seven seas. Centuries ago, when men were men, many went to sea to seek fame and fortune, some went to sea to explore new lands, others went because there was nothing at home for them or perhaps they were running from something, while even more others had the misfortune of falling asleep on the docks, after a night in the pub, only to find themselves aboard a ship heading out to sea when they awoke. I doubt I would have headed out to sea if I had thought that sooner or later we are going to sail straight off the edge of the world and fall into the stars. Or if we were lucky enough, our misery would be quickly ended and we would just be eaten by the Kraken or a giant squid. These were both very real fears and made it rather difficult for captains to round up decent crews before heading to sea.

These days we know the world is round and that giant squids do not frequently attack ships, however the great danger is still out there. We have replaced the sea monster and giant squids with an even more terrifing adversary. The Plastic Monster !

After a discussion with Vancouver Artist Ben Frey (www.benfrey.ca) about this exact topic, we came up with a new Sitka t-shirt design to illistrate this idea. With his amazing skills, this t-shirt helps illistrate that we no longer need to fear giant squids but soon the plastics in our oceans will be over-running our beaches and coasts.

Pick one up at your local Sitka retailer (or demand they order it) or through their on-line store (www.sitkasurfboards.com)…

Pictures from the event last week will be posted very very soon… and details on what a huge success it was !

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