Have you heard of the Clean Bin Project? It is an awesome initiative that is asking people to just NOT buy so much stuff. The clean bin documentary (trailer below) is all about reducing the amount of garbage you produce, simply but not allowing it into your life in the first place. I love this because it is EXACTLY the OceanGybe message: Recycling is not the answer, Reduction is the Gold Star. Recycling is better than nothing, but in the end it is a band aid. We need to reduce our consumption, and everyone that sees this documentary will do this. After watching the trailer, you can link to the project website to see how to see the film…

I love the quote “The number one thing, is to do one more thing” – Find something that isn’t sustainable in your everyday life, and make it sustainable.

The Clean Bin Project – Trailer from Grant Baldwin Videography on Vimeo.

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