School Tour – Day 4 – Calgary

Wow, what a change. We went from the relatively small towns of the Kootenay’s to metropolitan Calgary in a short three hours. Luckily a good friend from Uvic, Julia Kwinter, generously took us into her flashy downtown apartment. We got refueled with some good local microbrew and went straight to bed.

Friday we visited Centennial Highschool in southern Calgary. For our first presentation we switched it up from our usual, low-key format to a massive gym where we had about 20 minutes to speak to over 600 students. It is often a challenge to connect when speaking to this many people, but it is that much more exhilarating when the message gets across. The video from Oak Bay Johnny Prod, and Ryan’s excellent pros, we rocked it. After that, we visited two mixed grade leadership classes with about 20 students each. Both were fun, and we got lots of great feedback from the teachers and students.

Ryan Speaks at Centennial High School Calgary

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