Apparently making a movie is a lot more involved than is obvious at first. We initially planned to have the film finished in the Spring of 2011 (The current trailer on our website still references this date), 6 months after the completion of Khulula’s circumnavigation. The date has come and gone, and we are getting many inquiries from our supporters who want to see it! This note is for you – we have a definitely and firm release date for the end of April 2012. OceanGybe will be working along with Andrew Naysmith of Oak Bay Johnny Productions and Arwen Hunter of Gamut Productions and Something Something Studio’s.

Thank you to everyone who voted for OceanGybe at in Mountain Equipment Co-op’s Big Wild Buck$ campaign – this was the beginning of funding for the production of the OceanGybe Film. We are very excited about this: We have over 200 hours of high quality footage from all around the world, a confirmed and dedicated team and a firm timeline. The goal of this film has two main themes:

1) Adventure: Give an idea of how awesome the world out there is, how to go out there and get it, and support our youth in following their dreams. If you have something you love and want to achieve, go for it!!

2) Ocean  Borne Plastics: A continutation of the education we have been providing the the OceanGybe school tour and School Presentations. WE have given our presentation to over 10,000 school children and this has become the new focus of OceanGybe: Provide the next, and highly engaged, generation with facts and figures surrounding oceanic plastic, as well as a first hand account of how bad it is out there. The OG movie will also accomplish this goal, and will allow us to reach so many more students.

For those who have donated to OceanGybe, thank you for helping us achieve our goal of reaching as many kids as possible. OceanGybe awareness association is 100% non-profit. All your funds go directly back into the awareness campaign, and now into the production of the OceanGybe film.

Should you want to DONATE to the OCEANGYBE AWARENESS ASSOCIATION, please visit our DONATION PAGE. Your donation dollars go a long long way, and are hugely appreciated!! THANK YOU!

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