Tide Lines Kickstarter goal reached – still 10 days to go

Kickstarter Update # 5: Wow, we did it! Ryan, Bryson, Andrew, Arwen and I are blown away by the amount of support we’ve got and how quickly we reached the fundraising goal! A HUGE thanks to everyone that has backed the project this far, and all of our partners in Tide Lines.

Where do we go now? Let’s keep it rolling! Our approach to Tide Lines has been similar to the whole Oceangybe adventure: We decided it needed to be done, now is the time, let’s cast-off and make it work when we’re in the middle of the ocean (Luckily in both endeavors we have the support and encouragement of many, many great people). Through this campaign we are only raising a portion of the money needed to make Tide Lines. The funding gap is being filled by fundraising we did during the trip, public speaking appearances, and partnerships, but still we’re scraping the barrel to make it happen. So the more successful this campaign is, the farther we can take the film! Higher quality production, more festival entries, more school screenings.

If you’ve yet to back the project, there are some great rewards available, including music downloads from Tide Lines artists, digital copies of the film, VIP entry at the private premiers, stunning images from the trip, some face time with the crew, Associate Producer titles, and more.

Thanks again for your support, and stay with us for the ride!

Hugh, Bryson, Ryan and the Oceangybe Team

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