Oceangybe participates in Downstream: Reimagining Water

Yesterday Bryson and Hugh were honoured to participate in the Downstream: Reimagining Water workshop at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. It was inspiring to hear such a variety of perspectives on, well, water. We are often isolated in our learning and sharing, so when such a disparate group of thinkers come together, the genesis of ideas is amazing. There were excellent perspectives on our interaction with water from Cecilia Chen, Janine Macleod, Astrida Neimanis

Michael Blackstock shared his ground breaking perspective on research and Blue Ecology . Rita Wong and Dorothy Christian discussed how to Re-Story Water. Basia Irland shared with us a snapshot of her art work“receding/reseeding”. Every speaker was equally inspiring and the relevance of their separate work seen together was all the more apparent.

We were lucky enough to be on a panel with acclaimed science writer Alana Mitchell who had a unique and inspiring perspective on the next direction of the human race and UBC marine botanist Paul Harrison convinced me to eat less meat to do my part for the worlds oceans.

Thanks to Rita Wong for organising such a great conference.

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