Kickstarter Rewards and TideLines Update

Hi All,

For those who are wondering when there Kickstarter rewards are and when they may be arriving, don’t dispair – they are on their way. Pictures are printed, t-shirts, music and hoodies are in the mail and flying all over this blue planet as we speak – let us know if yours doesn’t arrive !

Also, we have an update from Andrew Naysmith, who is editting and building up the TideLines movie. From the rough edits we have seen, he is doing an incredible job and we are just as excited as all of you to see the final product – see below:

Dear OceanGybe supporters,

Firstly, I must apologize that our film is not quite complete. We are sure everyone is eagerly anticipating the release of our film, TideLines; we are too.  So, we figured it was time for an update on the status of  TideLines and our progress to date.

For myself (Andrew Naysmith) this project took off in 2006 when I talked with Bryson and found out about the epic journey that he and his brother Ryan and good friend Hugh Patterson were about to embark on. I knew this was going to be an amazing story and wanted to help them produce a film about their adventure. Since that time, the guys made it happen; they circumnavigated the world, surfed unknown breaks and found out a tonne of evidence of world wide plastic trash throughout the oceans and beaches of the world. Also, we have gathered over 200 hundred hours of footage to put towards our film. Over the course of their trip I was periodically editing webisodes, educational videos and trailers in hopes of promoting our story.

In January of 2012, we sat down and put into place an outline of how we were going to attain our goal of making a feature length film. Up until that time we had been entirely self funded with each of us putting in our own time and money into the project respectively. Then came our supporters. Through our Kickstarter campaign we were able to attain a generous amount (nearly $11,000)  and we were also able to pull in additional support through our current sponsors; Sitka Surfboards, The Flip Flop Recycling Co. and OceanCare. This funding has helped us out tremendously but as an independent film, we have had to bring on other industry professionals and I have needed to acquire additional work to support myself and my family. This has, in turn, taken small portions of my time away from OceanGybe and editing TideLines on a full time basis.

The film has consumed me in more ways than I can imagine but I am keeping my head afloat with the knowledge that we have a great story to tell. I am very happy at where we are at with our edit and am confident that we will be releasing our film in the next two months. We are now working with 6-7 hour edit and widdling it away day by day to bring you the best stories from their tale. We are almost there and can’t thank you enough for your continued support and patience as we work towards our finish line.

I am super stoked for the coming weeks of editing and can’t wait to present our film to you, TideLines!


Andrew Naysmith
TideLines, Director
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