More information on Plastics and our Oceans

Interested in garbage, recycling and our oceans ?

I am lying here on the coach recovering from ear surgery after surfing in cold Canadian waters for too long and have had time to search/surf the internet and have come across some incredible interesting articles/clips/newsreels with regards to ocean pollution and plastics.

So below I have listed out a couple that I thought were particularily relevant and interesting to watch. If anyone comes across anything else, please e-mail us and we can post it on the website and the Facebook group for other to read/enjoy.

So without further ado…

1) Charles Moore discussing marine pollution in the Eastern Pacific and it’s effect on marine fauna and flora. Click here… and also watch the next clip from Chris Jordan, here

2) A paper I wrote for one of my classes at Queens University covering some of the issues and problems with marine plastics and pollution….here

3) While in South Africa we visited Bergvliet High School and learn about their recycling program. Good for the environment and brings a huge amount of revenue for the school Why does every school not have a recycling program? here

4) One of the final video’s from the Whistler 72 hour film-maker showdown…here

5) Some truly scary picture of the effects of plastics in 3rd world countries. Here

6) We are working with Dr Takada at Tokyo University with regards to chemical absorption and dissolution via plastic pellets. Very interesting research…. here

7) Another great article sent to us by Jeremy Duguay about plastic issues. here

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