As you wake in the pre dawn, you slowly become aware of your surroundings. With wisps of dreams from a long and fitful sleep, you realize with mounting excitement that your dream is in fact a reality, and that the day ahead of you is yours to do with as you please in the tropical paradise/playground that currently surrounds you.

You lie still with your eyes closed and savour the pre-dawn moments, sounds and smells. You become aware of the gentle rocking of your bunk as the boat sways at anchor, timed perfectly with the gentle creak of the fruit hammock in the galley. The familiar and pleasant ache of your body stands testament to the five sunny hours spent in perfect aquamarine waves the previous day.

It is time to get up. You roll out of bed, pull on your board shorts and climb the steps up the companionway. The splendor of the surroundings before you makes you gasp. You look around you and allow yourself to be immersed in the purity of the moment: The boom of surf crashing on the outer reefs tells you that the swell has picked up since yesterday, as is evident by the increased surge in the lagoon of the atoll and the push of water up the beach. You wonder how the spot you discovered yesterday would handle the increased swell size and shiver with anticipation as you mind-surf overhead tubular perfection.

What will today bring?

This is our adventure.