We have just received word from Andrew Naysmith of OakBayJohnny Productions and Arwen Hunter of SomethingSomethingStudios that final cut of Tidelines is complete ! Huge congratulations and thanks to Andrew and Arwen for working so hard on this project !

The film is off to film festival submissions and then bring it to all of you – we couldn’t be more excited. We have a long list of people to thank, and will do so in due time, but firstly we would love to send a HUGE THANK YOU to all our Kickstarter supporters !

Huge thanks to: (Note: While putting this list, I was reminded how lucky we are and how well supported we are by good friends and family. Thank you so much for believing in us and making this possible)

Chris Martin
Jessica Robertson
Kevin Casey
Julie Robinson
Barry Green
Carol-Anne Moutinho
Christine Laporte
David Robinson
Ibrahim Hublou
Kai Nagata
Bevin Bigalky
Rita Wong
Ilja Herb
Lex Oosterbaan
Andrew Howson
Peter Cech
Scott Sinton
Rory Taylor
Nick Watson
Arno Kopecky
Michael Harlow
Eve Bigelow
Bill Knight
Jessica de Haas
Paul C. Bryan
Jeanie Witcraft
Shane Annandale
Brian  Russell
Melissa Spires
Ian Rose-Innes
Gregg Anderson
Shayla Hall
Shannon Mallory
Kristy Davies
Julie Whitman
holiday rideout
Leigh Christie
Martin Fischer
Lynne Anderson
Susan Walton
Aidan Halloran
Ian McKnight
J Michael Smith
Cassandra Osborn
Morgan MacKay
Kate p
Robin Abercrombie
mike tranmer
Rebecca Tranmer
Reese Dawes
Scott Cressman
Dwayne Smith
Paige Calvert
Jonilyn Greene
Kathy Chambers
Jonathan Faille
Grace Carter
Julia Kwinter
Carmen Emslie
CC Kaufman
Shandell Susin
Mack Hardy
Fred McGuinness
Dave Young
Julie Foreman
Nasser Yassine
Melissa Sinclair
Scott Naysmith
Katie Painchaud
Eliza Henshaw
Marilyn Cann
Ian Galbraith
Maiah Thompson
Alison Stent
Kathleen Diga
Alex Walker
Lee Davis
Clare Patterson
Rob Bourne
Rory Gomcalves
Amanda Goncalves
Pete Roggeman
Rob McCauley
Catlin Rideout
Christina Hartigan
Robin Kippan
Peggy White
Jane Comeault
Chris Duncombe
Debbie Zemnickis
Jeremy Haile
Alexi & Jarret Deck
Matt Delany
Sean Staniforth
Jason Adamschek
Anthony Nicalo
Jeremy Spofford
Kirsten Cornwall
Blair Meeker
Peter Cooch
Dylan Barlow
Jessica Schafer
Kendra Patton
Clay Hunting
Catherine Rubincam
John Miller
Sarah Tarnopolsky
Pamela Jansen
Sam Mottram
Stephen Hay
Barrett and Jess Sprowson
Dave Abercrombie
Cedric Steele
Duncan and Janey Kippan
Nic & Laurie Roggeman
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Mike and Diana Robertson
Ian Snider
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Erik Wong
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